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ChocoBee provides the best online ordering experience when it comes to buying cakes from their shop. The best part of ordering a cake from this highly popular cake store is that it gives you the flexibility to use your brainchild customization plan at the same time avail for both same day and midnight delivery. If you have any personalized design in your mind, you can simply upload a picture of it on this website and fill up some basic details in the given form and ChocoBee, the best cake shop will make the exact customize cake for you that you have been actually planning to order.

Meet the Chef

CHOCO-BEE is my passion, I just love cooking since my childhood ….now baking a cake and decorating for your loved ones was a true dream for me and for that I did professional Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery from IHM, PUSA New Delhi after that I worked with ITC group of hotels New Delhi.

Luckily under mentorship of true baking masters I redesigned myself and started small setup from my home and really got appreciation from you all which made me what I am today. My creations are handcrafted with finest and fresh ingredients with 100 % satisfaction of homemade tag.

Cakes are the most special, unique and wonderful products one can give to his/her dear ones on their birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions and it’s not only the cake that is baked but it’s the love and affection sprinkled which brings out best of it. Choco-bee is known for its delicious taste in cakes, chocolates and pastries. 

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